How Maltofer® works is what makes it different

Smarter iron absorption

Maltofer iron is absorbed by the body in an active and controlled manner. Maltofer’s active ingredient, iron polymaltose, ensures your body only absorbs the iron that it needs when it is needed.

Taking Maltofer with food

Even simple foods like, tea, coffee, chocolate and milk can interfere with the iron absorption of ferrous salts and as such, are generally recommended to be taken on an empty stomach. Maltofer on the other hand can be taken anytime with food and absorption of the iron will not be affected.

In fact to date, studies have even demonstrated that iron absorption with Maltofer significantly increases when taken with food.

Suitable for use in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body’s need for iron increases by as much as tenfold. This kind of increase in iron cannot always be met by diet alone, necessitating the need for iron supplements.

Globally, Maltofer has been recommended to correct iron levels in pregnant women for over 50 years.

If you are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding talk to your medical practitioner or pharmacist before taking Maltofer.

Where is it sold?

Maltofer® is available in a convenient 30 pack of tablets or as a pleasant tasting syrup (150 mL) from most New Zealand pharmacies.

Maltofer - iron tablets